Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long Time...

It has indeed been well over one and a half years now that no blogging has happened on this page.. Has been a mix of having no time (Mostly) to bordering on laziness that have prevented me having a post here. Infact, I just happened to read my previous posts and felt like adding something atleast for my own memories sake!
The past yr and a half have been extremely rollicking to say the least. All my friends have moved apart trying to claw their way into the corporate world.. and so have I. But thats how life takes turns I guess.. There was a time when I wondered how life would be without them and now, I am living it without them. Not that it made no difference, but I know now that maybe this is a part of life and we have no option for that. CA is in one corner of the town working at GT - The distance makes it very tough to meet up on weekdays. Paddy is in Infy, my campus, so we have some touch, else even he wudve been apart, Sameer does no longer seem interested in anything related to us, so no comments on that. My best friend Kavi has now moved farthest to the UK, we still speak, we still meet when he is in India, but what I have lost, probably i cannt get back the same old days. Archie has lost herself in oblivion and I would make no more comments on her.
Life @ work in the scenario of this global crisis has been amngst the toughest challenges I have faced. Am trying my best to come across trumps.
I guess its time I went off for another short holiday trip to let off some steam lest......

I shall be back, sooner than later :-)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trip that left lots to desire!

Jomulu Falls?
Ha! I was having kinda not-so-good mood these days and trend suggests that I need a long-ish trip to set things straight… or else the pressure just builds on me like steam in a vessel running out of water (huh??!!) . Nevertheless, we chose to venture into a new place… popularly (or otherwise) called the Nadi (River). Oh, wat a disappointment!! It turned out to be no more than a big gutter.. that too after traveling for 45 Km, it was nothing short of a distaster.. We spent some time there and quickly moved on to another unheard-of place called “Jomulu Falls”. The road to get there was as stunning as Mallika in Mrder (Ugh!!).. sorry .. mebbe Madhuri in HAHK! ;)
However, again it was a mud road and was getting too far into the twilight zone when we were reaching there. Add to it the woes of two bikes mistakedly going in wrong directions and losing sight of each other.. we decided we had enuff adventure in the day!! Time to get back without seeing the falls… Was an awesome ride though! We plan to get back there some time soon… as the place looked sacred, untrespassed and holds a lot of promise if the roads leading to there hold any relevance…
So there I go…
Promises about the other topics still remain.. watch out for more….

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Blog!!

Hey… its finally time for me to venture into blogging I guess! Wat more could an MBA student do given that he has more free time at his disposal then he probably ever had! That’s a good start for an intro I guess, isn’t it! So that’s wat I am I guess.. Totally vella as of now…
I think a good start will be to describe one of the better (if not the best) days of my life.. One of which surely will be my 24th birthday. All my friends – Kavi, CA, Paddy, Shakun and Sameer left no stone unturned to make it as special a birthday as possible! Another person worth mentioning is Archie!!! “I hate cards – birthday cards” has been one of my quotes – but I never loved cards so much before this day when Archie showered cards on me… wats more – some of my favorite gurlz including the gorgeous Mamata and my cute naughty Deepa Groupie ;) also penned a few thoughts for me. My room was decorated with crape and I so felt like the centre of attention. It was a little embarrassing though, as I’m not really used to so much attention, but still!!
Have many issues that deserve a mention on this blog… However, I guess this much of a peek is enough in this first blog considering that a class starts in ten mins time…
Upcoming issues on this blog…
1) TAPMI Listings
2) Midnight Masala (!!??)
3) English Tutorials!!?
4) T-Flank
5) GopiAnna
6) Friendzzz………..
Watch out….